Triathlon coaching

Are you looking to do your first sprint triathlon or are ready to take on the challenge of an IRONMAN or long course triathlon? Maybe you want to get on the podium for your age group or do a race with your family and friends? I will get you to the finish line so you can enjoy the training journey. You will get ongoing education in triathlon and support in addition to a fully customized training plan that fits in your schedule. Go to Kona or get a PR. Together we are strong.

What I Offer

Multisport Coaching

I offer optimized training plans that adapt to you by harnessing heart rate, power output, and swim form analysis.

I will also guide you through the transition, race day pacing, and write a customized fueling plan to suit your needs.

Set your goals and crush them.

Team and Athlete Sessions

I offer individual sessions with athletes as well as group workouts on the road and in Zwift.

If you have a favorite route to run or ride, I will go with you and develop a training plan that is personalized for your specific routes.

As your coach, you can contact me any time with questions about your training.

Challenge yourself and meet new friends.

What Athletes Are Saying

“Laurie helped me with strength training to get faster and avoid injury during marathon training. I loved having a plan to follow that was tailored to my needs. My core is so much stronger now, and I ran the MCM injury-free with the easiest marathon recovery I’ve had.”

-C.R. of Wheaton, IL

Laurie helped me train for a 15K and took into account my work schedule and busy family life. Besides running, she included cross training, foam-rolling, and stretching in my plan. Her training plans helped me make my workouts a priority, and I was able to run a personal best in my 15K race. She is a fantastic running coach!

– D.L. of Montgomery, AL

V Formation Multisport gets its name from the strong V Formation that geese use to fly, but there’s also a story behind the name.

None of us do anything alone, and the V Formation is proof of that: Geese use it to bear the brunt of the wind, cyclists draft off of teammates and take turns riding ahead, and even the Nike runners in Breaking 2 used it for the attempt at breaking the two hour marathon barrier.

As as USA Triathlon and U.S. Masters Swimming Certified Coach, I’m here to help you find your formation. Learn more…

The V Formation is strong, and it works. If we work together, great things can happen.