The Importance of 6@6

6@6 is my morning coffee, a chance to talk with friends while running an easy pace. Without 6 miles at 6am, I am not the same person, and I dearly miss my 6@6 group since I’ve moved to Pennsylvania.  I see a lot of runners out in the early morning hours on the road and on the trails–some say hi while others are tuned into their headphones.

I miss the politeness of the South where everyone says, “Good morning” even if they don’t know you.  I miss the flat terrain, the water views from the bridge, the foggy, misty mornings where the only sounds were our feet hitting the pavement or conversations that pierced the soupy air.

Since I’ve moved, I’ve lost my running community, my triathlete training partner in crime, my running twin, and my running mojo.  I took a whole two weeks off of running after the move to unpack and sort things out, and now that I’ve begun to run again, I have seemed to run into a wall–not like the wall in a marathon, but one that’s more difficult to break through: a wall of slow, hot, and lonely morning runs.

I need my own running community.  It certainly won’t be the same because I can’t transport my BRFs here to my new town–I see their faces smiling at me in photographs as I write this. But, I can have a different running group.  And that’s just what I began.  I now have more than 15 runners in my Meet Up, and I hope more will join soon.

I’ll continue to run into the sunrise and think of my friends from my first 6@6 group as I start another one here. I know that no matter where they are, they’ll be running into the sunrise too.