Tempo on the Track

Hills. I can’t seem to do a tempo run on them because I trudge uphill like I’m Sisyphus, shoulders slumped over with an imaginary weight instead of a giant rock.  I remind myself to put my shoulders back while running up so I can actually breathe; I’m only carrying a water bottle after all. When I reach the top, I want to celebrate with my hands in the air like I just don’t care and pause my Garmin in order to catch my breath before a quick descent, but that would be cheating–there are no free pauses in a race.  And, that’s not what a tempo run is about anyway.

Because of the lack of flat land in my immediate vicinity, I opted to run the three tempo miles on the local track.  Yeah, I know it’s boring with going around and around twelve times; well, fewer times if you run in lane 8, but it’s pancake flat. After a mile warm-up, which was basically running from my house to the track, I picked up the pace, and BOOM! I maintained a consistent pace for the three miles of tempo work.  I actually can run fast when it’s FLAT. Back to the hills tomorrow though.