Yak Trax

In my last post, I mentioned that I wear Yak Trax when I run in the snow even though I really don’t like snow after growing up in Cleveland. The photo above shows my snow face: a look of shock and disbelief at the white fluffy stuff. I should also mention that I’m not getting paid by Yak Trax, but it would be awesome if that happened. So, Yak Trax, if you read this, consider sending some money my way. Thanks. Until then, here’s what I think of wearing them in the snow.

I love Yak Trax for all types of snow and thick, hard ice: on these surfaces, the metal coils dig into the snow and keep me from slipping without scrunching my shoes. The only issue I have with them is that while running, every so often, snow builds up under the heel of my shoes, and I can feel my heels lifting. Once this happens though, the snow does fall off, and my feet feel normal again. My running is not hindered at all by wearing them, which is a plus since I absolutely love to run outside over the treadmill any day.

Yak Trax fit over any shoe as long as you purchase the right size, but they do take some time to put on your shoes, and once you put your shoes on, walk around in them and adjust the coils as necessary for a good fit. The model shown above is the Yak Trax Pro from Amazon for about $20. When I’m finished running, I take them off of my shoes to let the coils and my shoes dry properly.

I highly recommend them for winter running on snow and ice, but avoid wearing them on slush because it’s just too wet, and you’ll slip. Yak Trax are not made for hard pavement, so if the snow and ice are patchy, consider running indoors if you don’t live near a dirt trail. But then again, if the city has yet to plow your streets and there is a ton of snow out there, go for a run and listen to the crunching sound of the snow beneath your feet.