Getting Out the Door

I run outside in all kinds of weather, but that doesn’t mean I’m super dedicated and love running so much that I’m always psyched to head outdoors. The truth is I’m not. I don’t like being too hot, too cold, too wet, too anything. If every day were 55-60 degrees and partly cloudy, I’d be in heaven, so let me know if a place like that exists other than San Diego.

To get out the door, I bribe myself–you’ll enjoy the warm shower and that hot cup of coffee after the run more if you head outside, won’t you? While bribing myself with treats of coffee and often chocolate, I change into my running clothes. At this point, if I don’t run, I’ll feel ridiculous if the kid gets home from school, and I’ve been wearing my running clothes all day without running while doing the laundry, the dishes, writing training plans and blog posts like this one…

And that’s why I put my shoes on right away after changing into my running clothes. If I have my shoes on, I’m more likely to bypass petting the kitty for an hour before opening the front door. The cat always wants me to stay home–don’t listen to the cat. I should get a running dog to make sure I get outside, but dogs are a lot of work.


Once outside, I start running since it’s too cold to walk, and I remind myself that I’m such a badass for being out here in all kinds of weather. And I think of past races where mother nature not only wanted to rain on my run, but hail, sleet, thunder, and snow on it too–that happened during the Cleveland Marathon, and I ran through all of it until the end of the race when the sun and wind came out.

No matter what the forecast, skip the treadmill and head outside. Let the cars splash water on you in the driving rain, let the wind blow and the snow fall, and let the blazing sun cook your head under your baseball hat. You’ll be a badass runner for it.  And nothing will stop you. Except for ice. Don’t run on ice. And lightening.