Because Pool Days are the BEST Days

Angela searched for her membership card while I studied the giant poster boards depicting the pool renovation near the check-in desk at the Y.  I paused and noted the new warm water pool, the expanded lap pool sections, the hot tub, the sleek water slides, shiny in the artist’s depiction, but has construction already begun or are these posters depicting proposed changes to the pools?

Angela turned to me and said, “I hope my favorite lap pool is open.” And, I wondered if any of the pools were open.

We walked up the ramp and through the hallway to the locker room. The first pool was boarded up with cardboard and foam in the windows, even the door had been removed and replaced with cinderblocks. The mortar still looked wet. This isn’t good. The second indoor pool was open; however, stanchions traced a thin black line around the pool next to a “pool closed” sign. Another sign read: to Pool C, which is the outdoor pool. Angela and I looked at each other in disbelief. It’s April in Pennsylvania and 55 degrees outside.

A guy sitting in the chair near the second indoor pool said to us, “The outdoor pool is open and warm at 80 degrees.”

“80 degrees?” I said, shocked.

“Is 80 degrees warm enough?” Angela asked.

“Yeah, the air is cold, but the pool is definitely warm enough once you’re out there and in it,” the guy reassured her. This is beyond awesome. The outdoor pool is 50 meters and heated! I had no idea even though I swam there in the summer when the pool water would be warm anyway.

It’s barely spring, the air is cold, and the sky is cloudy, a fine mist fell, but the pool water is always a perfect sky blue. Angela and I were both giddy as we jumped into the water for our swim.