Spring is Here!



I can tell when spring is here because I can ditch my fleecy tech shirt and fleece lined running pants, which are a little loose so I can fit another pair of tights underneath if necessary. A buff and ear cover top me off on freezing mornings like frosting on a cake. But not on spring mornings.

All I need now is my black capris and a long-sleeved tech shirt. I prefer the blue one I got for the Pensacola Double Bridge Run because it’s extra long and covers my butt. Some mornings are still cool enough for my purple pull-over that makes me feel fast. This outfit, black capris, blue shirt, and purple pull-over, is my go-to morning wear. As soon as I finish my run (if I’m on top of things), I throw these clothes in the washer to wear them again the next day.

I’ve had those capris since I ran a PR in the Richmond Marathon a few years ago, and they’re not see-through yet despite countless washings. I like them because they stay in place and have a zippered pocket in the back. I have other capris popping out of my running drawer that has now expanded to two drawers in my dresser, but I prefer the reliable pair, especially for long runs. My shirt is long enough that it doesn’t need to be tucked in, and my purple pull-over still has a hole on the inside of my left elbow from a walk with my mom when I snagged it on a wooden bridge. I still wear it. The hole has stayed the same size, and only I know it’s there. Well, not anymore.

Soon, I’ll change these clothes for my running shorts and tank tops of summer, but it’s not time for that yet. It’s still spring. I’ll breathe in all of the pollen and try not to gag on my phlegm on my morning runs. Happy spring!