KOP 10 Miler


Deb didn’t lie when she said this race had hills. After living on pancake flat land in Florida and on the easily flooded Hampton Roads in Virginia, I’m finally getting used to hills and have more running challenges than bridges on my daily routes. I used to eat bridges for breakfast on my runs, but now I eat hills for all of my meals and snacks.

Because of the hills and only a half week of tapering, I decided it would be better if I treated this race as an opportunity for a challenging long run in a different location. Plus, I had a chance to chat with my running buddy, Deb, the whole way. We kept a steady pace and talked each other’s ears off, and that’s why runs like this are some of my favorite things.

I’ll certainly be back next year to run this race again, and, maybe, just maybe, I’ll charge up the hills fast.