First Tri

This little gymnast completed her first triathlon with her best friends. She was placed in the oldest age group with twelve year olds twice her size, but her competitive spirit kept her going. Basically, I’ve discovered that this gymnast can do just about any kind of endurance sport well. Run a 5K? Sure mom. Go on an eighteen mile or more bike ride? Easy. Pace you for a long run even though you run slow, mom? I guess. Do a triathlon? Why not!

For the 10-12 age group, the kids’ triathlon consisted of a 150 meter swim, two mile bike, and a one mile run. She was in the second to last swim heat to go so her friends could watch her race too. The kid was a bit nervous before the swim because she had never really swam six lengths of the pool without stopping; however, she alternated between freestyle and backstroke and made it all look easy.

She ran through the transition zone like a pro and flew on the bike. After the bike, she deftly unclipped her helmet and ran fast. Near the end of the run, all three of the girls ran together. And then they all ate doughnuts.

Now, the kiddo wants a road bike so she can go even faster. I think she’s hooked.