Richmond Marathon

Four years in a row one of us has run the Richmond Marathon. I sat this year out since I recently ran Chicago, but Phil had another go at this family marathon favorite. He usually runs this race with me, and we talk the whole time. I know, it seems weird that my husband and I love to run a marathon and talk in order to spend time with each other, but we’re strange.

Anyway, I wrote all of Phil’s training plans, and throughout training he doubted my methodology of more slow running with fast running saved for the track workouts and tempo runs. Ha, ha! My plan worked! He cruised through this marathon at his 8:39 per mile pace like it was easy and finished in 3:52:51, a PR for him. Sophia and I cheered him on at miles 7 and 19, missed him at mile 10 because he was so fast and already at mile 12 when we arrived. Sophia chatted about her recent races and how she wants to actually train for a 5K and see how high up the podium she can get. She already got 1st and 2nd in her age group for the 5K. She’s such a stinker.

One of us will run this marathon again next year–maybe Phil will run the full once more, and I’ll run the half since I have a full Ironman at the end of September on the race calendar for 2018 and know what happens when I try to do too many hard races too close together. Either way, we’ll enjoy the never-ending block party that is the Richmond Marathon and Half Marathon and get another one of those nice fleece blankets at the finish line. Because I like to run for freebies too.

Congratulations, Phil! And thanks for getting our family yet another fleece blanket!