Saturday Tri Day

So, if you’re up for a swim, bike, AND run, then here you go! All of this can be done inside.


Warm up: 

2x150s as 50 swim/ 25 drill/ 50 swim/ 25 drill 10s rest in between each 150

8x50s as odds free/ evens backstroke 5s rest

4x50s as 25 kick on back in streamline position/ 25 swim 10s rest

100 pull 10s rest

Main Set: 

Repeat the whole set 3x:

150, 100, 50

Round 1 rest is 15s, 20s, 25s / Round 2 rest is 10s/ 15s/ 20s Round 3 rest is 5s/10s/15s

Get faster as you go through each set.

4x100s on 1:30/1:40/1:50/2:00 NOTE: you leave on the time you chose, so the amount of rest is based on how fast you swim.

Cool Down: 

200 easy

(60 minutes or 2500 yards)


Warm up for 10 minutes on your flat at 80-90 rpm. Do 2×15 minutes at 1-2 gears above your flat, but keep a slightly higher rpm around 95-100. Ride easy for 5 minutes in between. The rest of the ride is easy for the cool down. NOTE: your heart rate should be in a low zone 2 during recovery and a higher zone 2 during the 2×15 minute sections. (60 minutes)


Warm up for 5 minutes on the treadmill with your heart rate in zone 1 or slow jog. Do 3×5 min at 10K or 5K race pace with 1 minute recovery (walk or jog). Cool down for 5 minutes. (28 minutes)

That’s it!