Swim Day Friday

It’s Friday. It’s going to snow here in the Philadelphia area, but that shouldn’t stop you from going to the pool. And yes, I wear socks with Birkenstocks to the pool just because I like them. I always love a Friday bonus too: my hair didn’t freeze on my way to the car.

Swim Day Friday Workout: 

Warm up: 

300 swim

8x75s as kick/drill/swim per 25. Odds are free; evens are stroke.

200 pull

Main Set:

300 easy swim, 20s rest–focus on DPS (distance per stroke) or decrease the number of strokes it takes you to get from wall to wall. Aim for 19-23 strokes per 25.

4x75s FAST with 30 seconds rest after each one

100 easy swim 20s rest

2x75s FAST with 30s rest

75 easy swim with 20s rest

75 FAST with 30s rest

Cool Down: 

300 swim, alternating back and free every 50

I also did an extra 50 for an even 2500 yards. Just keep swimming!

Friday BONUS:

After your swim, why not ride the trainer for an hour and do a brick run?

Trainer Ride Workout

Warm up with 10 minutes of easy cycling at 85-95 rpms. Do 3×1 minute spin ups with 1 minute recovery.

Main set: 3×7 min in zone 4 heart rate with 2 minutes of easy riding in between. Ride easy for 5 minutes and then do 4×1 min sprints as 30s on and 30s recovery. Rest of ride is easy.

Cool down for 5 minutes with easy cycling.

Within 10 minutes off the bike, do a brick run for 20 minutes, starting in zone 1 and gradually moving up to zone 2 for your heart rate. Happy Friday!