Happy 2018!



In preparation for Ironman Chattanooga, I plan to clean up my nutrition a bit. I’m not one to count calories, nor am I concerned with writing down everything I eat and drink, but I find a food journal to be helpful for a few days to a week in order to look for patterns. And you know what I found? I found some sugar bombs! Holy cow! I mean, Holy chocolate!

Anyway, I already follow a few simple rules when it comes to eating (not that I follow them 100% of the time): eat a salad with protein for one meal, no snacking on cereal more than once a day, don’t drink calories, and half of my plate should be vegetables. Simple, right? Nah. I’m a Starbucks and coffee addict, so my once a week trip to the ‘Bucks has cost me more than just dollars (hint: I go there more than once a week and order a mocha of all things). Also, I absolutely LOVE chocolate, so chocolate chips are often one of my snacks during the day. Add the Starbucks mocha to the chocolate chips plus the copious amounts of honey I put in my one bowl of hot cereal or plain yogurt, and I have a recipe for sugar bombs.

So, to clean up my nutrition and possibly shed some extra pounds here’s what I’ve done:

NO GO FOODS: honey, chocolate chips, and salad dressing (includes desserts and sweets of any kind unless it’s a rare occasion)

LIMIT: nuts, protein shakes, and Gatorade to heavy endurance and workout days

MUST DO: drink coffee black and tea plain (I already do this) and switch to oil and vinegar in moderation for salads

I’m doing all of this to limit my sugar intake and to make sure that I’m eating healthy foods to refuel my body after workouts.

My other goals for the New Year include:

  1. Getting my memoir published (it’s finished now).
  2. Read, write, and workout every day.
  3. Complete a full Ironman in Chattanooga (already signed up).
  4. Travel and spend time with family, which means putting the phone down.

What are your goals for the New Year?