Cold Weather Cycling


OK. So there was this one day that the temperature reached 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Yeah, it felt like spring. I even needed sunscreen, but forgot to put it on and ended up with early season cycle chick tan lines. When it’s that warm outside, all you need is a cycling jersey and a pair of bike shorts, and you’re good to go. However, when the temperatures drop, like they have since the dreaded Nor’easter hit the Philadelphia area and the whole East Coast, you’re going to need some layers beyond the basic bike gear of a helmet, glasses (not just regular sunglasses, but special cycling ones to project your eyes from debris), chamois butter, and padded gloves. It’s important to note that whatever the temperature is outside, it feels about 10 degrees colder on the bike.

70 degrees F and up: All you need is a lightweight jersey and bike shorts. If it’s closer to 80-90 degrees F, test out your tri kit and remember to wear sunscreen, even when it’s freezing outside.

50-70 degrees F: Start layering. Consider a long-sleeved jersey, long pants, thicker socks, and possibly gloves.

40-50 degrees F: Thermal layer underneath bike jersey, long pants, gloves, a buff for your face, and foot covers.

40 degrees and below: Prepare for Arctic conditions. Two layers under your jersey, long pants with possible thermal underwear, shoe covers, buff, hat, gloves. And ride fast in order to reach your destination sooner.

That’s all for now! I’m planning on doing a post on what you carry in your saddle bag, so comment below!