First Ride with Ikaika


Seventy-six degrees in February with the sun shining is rare weather indeed. I glanced at my schedule for the following day–dental appointment, friends to call, and training plans to write. I lied to open up the whole day: I wanted to be outside on my new bike, and I wanted to enjoy all of it by myself since it was my first outdoor ride on Ikaika.

I carefully placed Ikaika on my bike transport mobile (BTM), securing the straps and checking for any movement on the bike rack. The bare branches chattered in the spring-like breeze; a few tentative crocuses popped up overnight in the flower beds, giving the gray and brown landscape some color. Songbirds cheered me on my way to the trail I planned to ride in order to test Ikaika’s speed and handling.

Once I found a parking spot at the trailhead, I glanced to view Ikaika through the rear view mirror–I was ready. I hopped on, and once I found my groove, I settled into a comfortable gear, keeping my hands on the hoods for more stability. Ikaika and I flew down the trail with ease–my feet pushed and pulled the pedals in perfect circles, churning Ikaika’s tires the quicker I went. She is designed for speed.

So, this is how fast feels–the trees flickering by like a film on a reel, casting long shadows across the path. So this is what speed is–gliding through the light and shadows, the sounds of the train warped by the Doppler effect. So this is cycling. I am in love, and I don’t ever want it to end.