Broad Street Run

The Broad Street Run is one on my favorite races because it cuts through the center of Philadelphia from North Philly to the Navy Yard. And, it’s one long block party with live music, DJs, and the Temple University Marching Band.

This race wasn’t my best since I had GI issues from mile 4 on, so I decided to take it slow, enjoy the spectators, the music, the architecture, and have fun. But now, I’m going to reevaluate my nutrition plan for long distance races like the 10 miler to the full Ironman. because my gut is telling me to eat real food, so that’s what I’m going to do. Gels and gummies tend to work for about a year, but then my body revolts against them. On all of my long runs leading up to Broad Street, I had stomach issues: what did all of these runs have in common? Gels. Enough. Real food it is!

I wasn’t able to celebrate at the race thanks to cramping that had me doubled-over and almost sick on the train, but I did enjoy a beer from Great Lakes Brewery later on. Cheers! Oh, and the Philly Escape Triathlon–I’m coming for you. And real food will be in my pocket.

A big thank you to Phil who ran with me the whole time and waited at the port-o-potties! He’s the best!