On the TT Bike

One thing is for sure, I enjoy cycling a lot more when I can go fast. Ikaika lets me go a full two miles an hour on average faster than on Bia, my heavier road bike. But, Ikaika requires a bit more maintenance and and prep before a ride. Essentially, Bia is my sedan, the bike I can ride all day and for days, while Ikaika doesn’t wait around for all day rides; she’s more like a Ferrari and covers the distance as fast as possible. The faster I ride, the more stable Ikaika’s frame becomes.

Since I’m riding Ikaika for Ironman Chattanooga, I’ve been fitted in a more comfortable aero position, tested out four different saddles and finally found one I like–surprise! It’s a road saddle with the nose angled slightly downward for an easy ride in aero. I have gorilla water bottle cages waiting at the shop and a bento for all of my food. Heck, Ikaika even has lights on the occasion that we take to the road. She’s ready to go!

When we’re on the trail, no one passes me. Groundhogs flee from the whirling gears and wind we create, trees wave at us, and confused bumble bees bounce off her frame or my helmet. I can even stop quickly with her when a dog on a retractable leash jumps up or pulls the leash across the pavement. The back tire skids with speed thwarted for an instant. Soon, we’re back on the trail in aero and passing all the other cyclists as we ride because who has time to go slow?