Running in the Rain

IMG_7823There’s no greater joy than running in the rain, especially when it’s pouring down on the pavement. I throw on an older pair of running shoes, slap on a baseball cap, and head out the door to splash in puddles like a little kid in rain boots.

I may not be little anymore, so I guess this is the acceptable way to enjoy the wet weather as an adult. It’s called training for inclement weather one may encounter in a race. Plus, no one is out and no one is on the track for a speed session. It’s just me and the rain, and I’m OK with that.

For the speed workout, I warmed up for one mile, did 3×8 minutes in zone 3 with 3 minutes recovery jog in between followed by 4x30s fast with 1 min recovery. My cool down was a mile run back home in the driving rain, and nothing could be better than that.