AC 70.3

This post is so long overdue with the triathlon season wrap up! I mean, where did August go with warm water temperatures and long hot days? Here we are in October, almost the off-season, and I’m looking ahead to prepping some athletes for fall half marathons or full Ironmans for 2020.

For the Atlantic City 70.3, a few were first-time 70.3ers, and one, Dan the Ironman, capped off his finish by ranking first place in the world for men, ages 75-79. Go Dan! He’s #1!!!

All I can say is that I am incredibly proud of all of my athletes. I know that sounds trite, but I really am. One athlete went from zero to a 70.3 in six months and finished the race strong, despite persistent lower back pain that forced her to walk/run on the half marathon. She’s a powerhouse who will be a force to reckon with at next year’s 70.3 judging by her performance in this one. I know she’s going to smoke the competition on the bike for sure!

Another is new to the sport after hanging up his professional jersey. He researched bikes, got one built just for him, battled nagging injuries, and still managed to light up Training Peaks with “green” workouts almost every week. That takes dedication. For this race, he shattered his goal of finishing in under 6 hours with a 5:29:10 finish time running in his signature basketball shorts.

Last of all, is Dan the Ironman, #1 in the world for the 70.3 distance. In addition to that, he qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Kona held last weekend. Although he didn’t meet the time cut-off for the bike and officially got a DNF, his dream was to qualify and race there, which is exactly what he did. Dan, you are a world champion, and I love your competitive spirit. Keep living your dream while holding your loved ones close. All of them are with you on every swim, bike, and run.