Philadelphia Half Marathon

This post is long overdue just like the PR I got in this slightly hilly half marathon. My last half marathon PR was at the Dismal Swamp Stomp in 2016 on a pancake flat course, so even though I didn’t train to get a PR in the Philly Half, I did! And on hills no less.

How did this happen? Since finishing Ironman Maryland, my run times, quite frankly, sucked. There is no better word to describe how slow I was, and I’m surprised my running buddies stuck with me for the months of slow running that followed. No kidding. Most days, I would tell them to run ahead and take a short cut to meet them at a later point in the run. Months went by like this: I would show up for the group run and then watch everyone run ahead of me at my pre-Ironman pace five minutes into the run. It was early. It was dark. And, I was alone. A lot. I thought my days of running PRs or records of any kind were behind me.

Frustrated with my sucky run times and stagnant bike and swim times, I decided to take a different approach in 2019. 2019 was going to be about finding my ideal body weight, having no pressure workouts, and seeing how many people I can take along for the swim, ride, or run. And you know what? This worked. Hello to new records in the sprint, Olympic, and half marathon! Let’s see what 2020 holds. Until then, there is always time for coffee after a workout.