Fight Cancer

I don’t think there is a person on this planet who doesn’t know of someone whose life was changed or taken by cancer. I’ve lost a dear colleague to cancer, friends I know have lost spouses to cancer, my daughter’s friend had cancer, my aunt had cancer, and even my mom had cancer. In many cases, early detection and treatment saved lives, but even with the best care cancer can win.

I want cancer to lose.

To help fight cancer, more research has to be done, and that’s where the Breakthrough Bike Challenge with the University of Pennsylvania comes in to raise money for Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center. You can help fight cancer by riding to raise funds for cancer research. You can register here if you want to help and raise money on your own:

If you would rather donate, consider donating to my page below. I’m hoping to raise $100 by riding $100 miles for cancer research, and I hope you ride too.

Now, stop reading and start riding for research.