“I heartily endorse Laurie Hardway to manage and train any athlete interested in a short, intermediate or very long triathlon. She is very competent in day to day coaching and gives constructive suggestions on how to make progress. After five years of attempting to get to Kona, Coach Hardway helped make it happen for me this year. I’m heading to Kona next year. Thank you, Laurie.”

-D.M. of Ardmore, PA


“Thanks again to my coach, Laurie, for training me for Age Group Nationals. Placed top 1/3 thanks to you!”

-K.D. of PA

Coach Laurie and a Runner

“Laurie helped me with strength training to get faster and avoid injury during marathon training. I loved having a plan to follow that was tailored to my needs. My core is so much stronger now, and I ran the MCM injury-free with the easiest marathon recovery I’ve had.”

-C.R. of Wheaton, IL

Coach Laurie pacing a runner

“Laurie is an excellent pacer and my running twin! We ran the Crawlin’ Crab Half Marathon together, which was a training race for another half I was running. She gave me an accurate pacing plan, and, when the heat and humidity increased during the race, she ran the rest of the race with me, keeping me motivated.”

“Although it wasn’t my best half, my next half marathon a month later brought me close to my PR, and I placed in my age group for the 5K the day before the half. Laurie is positive and kept me focused on my running.”

– M.M. of Norfolk, VA

Coach Laurie and Runners

Laurie helped me train for a 15K and took into account my work schedule and busy family life. Besides running, she included cross training, foam-rolling, and stretching in my plan. Her training plans helped me make my workouts a priority, and I was able to run a personal best in my 15K race. She is a fantastic running coach!

– D.L. of Montgomery, AL

Two Clients drinking coffee

“Because of Laurie’s training plan, I was able to run a 5K again and finish faster than I thought I would at age 63 and after not having run in several years. She made changes to my plan based on my work schedule and gave me advice on how to prevent injury by varying my running workouts. I enjoyed having a training plan so I know exactly what to do each day.”

– J.H. of Medina, OH

“The training plans that Laurie has designed for me take into consideration my past performances, my schedule, and my long-term goals. Laurie has used my post run data to form personalized training plans for me. In addition she has helped me determine and attain realistic goals. I am confident Laurie’s coaching is allowing me to achieve more than I could on my own.”

– D.W. of Okinawa, Japan:

“Laurie is an accomplished coach for triathletes. Her training plans are carefully prepared, and she’s always available for consultation!”

-B.L. of Willow Grove, PA

“Laurie is thorough and detailed. Extremely responsive and encouraging. If you have a goal, she will get you there!”

-L.F. of Philadelphia, PA