If you would like to improve your swimming form, send a video of yourself swimming, I’ll analyze it, provide feedback on your form and corrective drills. A three month follow-up video analysis is included in the remote pricing. I will set up a time for you to call so we can discuss suggestions for the first and follow up swim analysis.

For remote video recording, have someone record your stroke from the following angles:

  1. On the surface and swimming towards the camera. This can be done from the deck.
  2. On the surface and swimming away from the camera, also on the pool deck.
  3. From the deck and walking alongside the swimmer for at least half of the length of a 25 yard pool.
  4. If possible, under water from front, back, and side.

For the local swim analysis in person, I will set up a time to meet you at a location of your choice, which could be the Haverford Area YMCA. I’ll record your stroke(s) from different angles, analyze the video, and offer suggestions both in person and over the phone.  In addition, I’ll teach you the different drills in the water and discuss how to correct your stroke. A few months later, we’ll repeat the process to track improvements.